The Brand


How do you create art? How do you capture in art such fundamental human emotions as Love? Joy? Passion? Our ambition at Celeste is to unveil these feelings in our uniquely beautiful jewelry.

We first met as kids in middle school in Izmir, an ancient city on the Aegean Sea that was once a home to Homer, was re-built to his liking by Alexander the Great, designated as one of the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation, and became a cultural and financial center for the Ottomans.

Twenty years later, fate brought us back together again, this time in San Francisco, the city shaping the future of the world. Inspired by the boundless energy of the Golden City, a place that cultivates open-mindedness and courage, sophistication and intelligence, innovation and originality, where hippies, techies and fashionistas live and love and create, we decided to found a brand that would be defined by limitless creativity.

For us, no concepts are off limits, no designs too difficult. Wearing Celeste will make you feel and look on the cutting edge – always renewed, forever young. So why blend in with the masses if you can be a trend-setter?